About us


HENX INFORMATICS is a global information, communication and public relation services provider. HENX INFORMATICS core business is conveying your valuable messages to your target audiences in an effective manner. Achievements and reality of your business are very important but how people perceive you is much more crucial. We take over this crucial role of establishing and maintaining strong relationships between our clients and their audiences, taking the mental processes and social patterns into consideration.

HENX team consists of valuable and experienced professionals with various backgrounds, from management and engineering to marketing, media, writing and editing. We give chances to fresh, eager and skillful minds in our team, who can contribute to dynamism and creativity of our company, under supervision of more experienced members. So, HENX INFORMATICS is full of energy, creativity, passion, skills and experience that are necessary for media and public relations as a powerful tool.

Some of our services cover corporate website content writing, brochures, newsletters, case studies, product reviews, magazine or website articles, research, editorial services, etc.HENX can create any kind of written material to convey your message to your audiences and achieve your marketing objectives in an accurate and powerful way. 

HENX INFORMATICS expertise covers a wide range of areas such as technology, trading, engineering, food, fashion, art, lifestyles, entertainment, education, real estate, transport, tourism, health, etc. it is a pleasure to serve respectable clients whether a large corporate or small enterprise with a limited budget or an individual. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for getting information about any of your communication and marketing requirements.

HENX Values

  • A professional public relations service begins with listening, not talking. We listen to our clients first to understand and analyze their needs and objectives.
  • HENX put great effort into producing high quality, creative, original and accurate works.
  • HENX team consists of passionate, dynamic, skillful and experienced individuals that we trust in so much.
  • In case your requirements and the subject are beyond our expertise or comprehension, we will let you know about it. We never take on a project that we cannot guarantee a high quality.
  • We are never satisfied with our services until our clients are satisfied. Quality control is an essential process of our service.
  • We take care of the style, terminology and language of the particular subject area we work on.