HENX job opportunities


Ethical and honest people who wish to take part in our company are welcomed to HENX INFORMATICS. Copywriters, article writers, editors, researchers, proofreaders - all talented, experienced, qualified and eager professionals may find us to be a part of our team.

If you can spend time for detailed researches or produce elegant and persuasive articles or have experience in any writing job or perfect language skills for editing and proofreading, please inform us about yourself, your experience, academic background, references and the topics you can write about (e.g. technical, medical, fashion, economy, travel, lifestyles, art, history, etc.).  Send us your sample works if you have any for HENX job opportunities.

HENX gives job opportunities to all talented and creative people who have passion for a high standard of work as well as experienced applicants. Therefore, do not hesitate to write us if you have confidence in your writing skills. We accept worldwide applications.

Excellent written English skill is required for all applications, especially for editorial and proofreading positions.

We will send you a trial work and require your work to reflect your deep knowledge of the topic or efforts for research in addition to clarity, creativity, factual accuracy, correct spelling and punctuation.

Please send your applications via contact us page.