Editing services


Writing is an indispensable tool to convey your thoughts, ideas, knowledge and messages to other people. Creative writing has incredible contribution to business and personal success.

You may prefer writing the content of your website, documents, reports, newsletters, product reviews, articles, etc. for your business yourself or to be written by your own staff, or you may be writing a book, fiction or non fiction, personally. Do you think just writing down what is in your mind is enough?

Whatever your project is, anything written for personal or business purposes, any text to be publicly read has to be error-free and properly organized. Writing any kind of text demands a distinctive skill, experience and language skills.

In this context, editors and proofreaders are very helpful to improve the quality of the text you write as a kind of polishing. When you work with professional editors and proofreaders, your work will be more appealing and your message will be conveyed clearly.


Editing requires strong writing and language skills. A good editor should be able to catch the errors of the author and help putting the thought on paper in an organized and clear way.

HENX has a strict editing and proofreading process applied to all works submitted to the clients. Therefore, this is only a part of our business and will be glad to apply the same process on your texts also whenever you need.

If you need help for grammar, spelling and punctuation, our proofreaders will check and revise your texts and will submit them in standard and correct English. Our editing service will help you to organize the personal, academic or business documents and all kinds of manuscripts. It is possible for our team to rewrite your manuscripts or provide professional advice for consistency, clearance, structure, grammar, etc. Experienced and professional proofreaders and editors of HENX will satisfy your needs with high text standards.