Building a successful business is great, but sustaining your success is sometimes more difficult. Without innovation and progress, no business can keep surviving. When you have a new product, new department, a sales campaign, new activities, events or anything new, you need to announce this to your customers and people who may be interested in. Newsletters are great tools to inform the updates and continuous progress of your business.

Providing some useful and interesting information about your business field in the newsletters will help relating them to your services and products, which is a good way for indirect advertisement. Besides, these articles will show your expertise in the market.

By means of newsletters, you will be in continuous communication with your existing and potential customers and whenever they need a service or product, you will be in their mind as a provider.



Time is very precious for everyone. If you publish poor quality newsletters, people will not waste time to read them while you waste your money. Besides, it will affect your credibility negatively.

Newsletters must be interesting, dynamic and well focused. The target audience and their interests have to be analyzed very well to determine the newsletter content. Some statistics or market trends, tips and advices are likely to get interest of your readers. Therefore, it is important to make a detailed market research before writing a newsletter.

Relating the market news and information to your services and products needs expertise. It should not look like a direct advertisement, but must contain some useful information. The balance is one of the essential points of an effective newsletter. Also, they must be short and easily scanned by the reader.

HENX can provide you professionally written, eye-catching periodical newsletters that will help increasing your sales and building brand recognition in a respectful manner.