Press releases


Press release is one of the most effective media tools to gain publicity. Anything newsworthy about your organization can be highlighted by means of press releases, which are cheaper and more effective than ads. You can announce accomplishments of your organization, awards, scheduled events, new product releases and services, big investments, an important change in the management, etc.

Press releases are essential to become known by more people. Increased visibility means more potential customers, members or investors. Building brand recognition is much easier with such an effective tool.

In addition, if your press release is picked up by editors to be published among incredible amounts of materials, the readers will think what you announce must be useful, demanded and interesting even before reading. News about your organization in a newspaper or magazine, that your potential customers are the subscribers of, will increase your credibility.



Press releases require a journalistic style, which is different than the other writing styles. An attractive headline and getting straight to the point are the key points of an effective press release.

Press releases are very effective tools if only they are written in a professional way. Otherwise, it will not draw attention as expected. Poorly written and unedited press releases are not publishable and considered as waste by editors.

HENX provides attractive and interesting press releases in the proper format. The team of professionals, experienced in public relations and media, knows what the editors appreciate as well as how to communicate your message to your target audience. Press releases are strictly rechecked and reviewed before delivering, since editors are never pleased with last-minute changes and corrections.