Information research


From school to business life, information research is an unavoidable activity. From research papers to thesis, from any project to any business decision, it is necessary to research a variety of online and printed sources and to gather information.

For many people, information research is a boring activity. A methodological information research is based on gathering ideas and facts from various sources, taking notes, organizing the information and reaching to conclusions. This process requires time, skill and patience. Therefore, information research is not a favorable activity for many, although essential.

Information researches may be needed in all fields of science, technology, arts, culture, humanities etc. You may need to gather news or information on a new invention or product or on any subject for a new project, to start a new business, for the content of your website or for a book that you are planning to write.


An information research is a systematic study that is based on reliable and related resources, concluded objectively and must contains the satisfactory information for the client.

HENX has access to various information resources such as books, articles, news, documents, etc. in many fields, some unavailable online. Our specialists search for the relevant data with a multi-dimensional approach, analyze and organize the collected data in a proper way and provide the information specific to the client’s needs objectively.

If the information is there, HENX will submit the information research for your use in a properly organized, cost effective and timely manner.